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Instructional Design Resources

The purpose of the Instructional Design Resources page is to provide faculty and staff with resources about instructional design. The page is updated on a regular basis; so be sure to frequently check back for new information and materials. Topics include such things as:

  • Continuity of Instruction Planning Guide
  • Basic Principles of Learning 
  • Theories of Education and Instructional Design
  • Instructional Design Models
  • Goals of Instruction
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Training Materials

The words in RED are links for you to explore.


Continuity of Instruction Planninng Guide 

Individual Documents from Planning Guide 

Considerations for Departments and Faculty Academic Preparedness 

Considerations for General University Academic Preparedness 
Plannning Questions  

Important Contacts 


EDUCAUSE is an association of higher education professionals using information technology in higher education. Samford University is a member of EDUCAUSE and faculty and staff may join at no cost under Samford University. The EDUCAUSE site contains literature, professional development opportunities such as webcasts and conferences, communities of interest.  

EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative 

ELI addresses how students learn and how they can use technology to learn. The organization seeks to advance learning through IT innovation and provides information for higher education professionals using IT to improve the quality of teaching and learning. The site contains literature, opportunities for professional development such as webcasts and conferences, and communities of interest.  

SLOAN Consortium 

Sloan C is supported by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation and is committed to serving needs related to on-line and blended learning. The site contains literature and research on effective on-line and blended teaching practices. Additionally professional activities are offered for the on-line teacher and program administrator. Samford University is a member of Sloan-C and membership is provided to Samford University faculty and staff at no cost. To join, create an individual account and select Samford University as the institution member.   


 The Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) Group is committed to improving teaching and learning in Higher Education. The group provides resources, services and materials. A Friday live webcast (a TGIF subscription) is offered and addresses varied topics about teaching in an on-line/blended environment. The TGIF Subscription is free and some resources are made available for faculty review.   



MERLOT Pedagogy 

The MERLOT Pedagogy Portal is a go-to resource for free online materials. The site is an excellent resource that contains a collection of peer reviewed teaching and learning materials from many disciplines in the arts and sciences. Faculty development and communities of interest are available to each member. Membership is free. The portal provides links to MERLOT materials that address the following categories:

  • Learners and Learning
  • Course Instructional Design
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Teaching Challenges
  • Assessment 

Especially useful is the MERLOT feature Open e-Textbooks. 

MERLOT has a collection of 2,032 free etextbooks.  The collection enables you to search by 9 major discipline categories, with sub-categories under each one. You can: 

  • Can search within collection by key word(s).
  • Can search by primary audience.
  • Can use MERLOT’s federated search of 21 other educational digital libraries to find resources.
  • Can read and make Member Comments about the textbooks.
  • Can translate some of the books (non-pdf) into over 30 languages.

 Instructional Design Knowledge Base  

This link provides information concerning basic principles of learning theories, principal theorists, goals of instruction of learning theories, instructional models, and implications for instructional design. 

Cognitive Apprenticeship in Educational Practice 

The article on Cognitive Apprenticeship in Educational Practice describes the instructional strategies of Scaffolding, Modeling, Mentoring, and Coaching. You will find it interesting and informative reading.


 At, you will find software training and a tutorial video library. The online courses will help you learn critical skills. Samford University provides this service for you, so that you will have free access and previews on hundreds of tutorials. The link, Samford Portal for, is also located on the Samford Portal Page.
Media Selection Tool 

The Media Selection Tool is a checklist designed to offer a wide range of options for the selection of media when you are preparing for a course or a presentation at a conference. Using the Media Selection Tool will help you to remember the different methods for enhancing a course or presentation.

Course Design and Development Matrix 

The Course Design and Development Matrix is a guide detailing components usually found in a course. The matrix contains suggestions of different types of activities and assessments that will enhance and help to create a sucessful learning environment. 

Teaching On Purpose 

This resource compiled by teachers is a compendium  of action strategies and tools. The compendium is meant to serve as a guide for enhancing student learning. While it was developed for public school use, any of the activities and assessments can be used as presented or adapted for use in higher education.




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