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Writing Checklist

This writing checklist of common writing and grammatical errors is an example of a student aid. Students use the checklist to analyze writing. If desired, the checklist can be easily adapted to create a rubric that an instructor can use when grading a written assignment. The checklist is a Word document that can be downloaded then adapted or changed to suit an instructor’s individual needs.

Course Design and Development Chart

Are  you wondering how to go about designing and developing a course?

The Course Design and Development Chart provides suggested components that need to be included in a course, whether face-to-face or online. The chart is composed of three basic columns: component, description and assessments. As you create your course, use this guide to help you select the components and assessments that will provide the structure and enhancement needed to provide students with a meaningful and enriching learning experience.

Course Design and Development Flow Chart

The flow chart provides a pictorial representation of the design and development components and steps involved in the process. The foundation of the design and development process is the ADDIE model.

  • A—Analyze
  • D—Design
  • D—Develop
  • I—Implement
  • E—Evaluate

Each phase of the model is represented so that it is easy to visualize the processes that are utilized to create that particular phase and the supporting parts. The additional models used to design and develop the course are listed in a text box on the chart.

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