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New Cadre Web Application

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University Ministries and Technology Services have developed a new web application for faculty, staff, and administration creation of Cadre proposals, with student registration also available. Further information concerning each initiative is below.

Faculty, Staff, Administration Cadre Proposal web application 

Brian Pitts in University Ministries and Abby Casey in Technology Services worked together during the summer to create a Cadre proposals website inside the portal. Cadres are small, dialogue-based groups led by Faculty, Staff or Administration, generally consisting of 8-12 students. The purpose of Cadres is to help students gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and its role in shaping their lives and our world. The web application allows the Cadre presenter to complete a proposal for a Cadre and submit this to University Ministries for approval. A Cadre Administration webpage was also created so that the approved proposals could be tracked and published to the students for Cadre registration. The Fall 2011 proposal site has been closed since the classes are now published. The Spring 2012 proposals will be opening soon.

An example of the Cadre web application is below.


Cadre Example 


Cadre Registration  

Connected with the Cadre Proposals is the Cadre Registration which was also developed during the 2011 spring term. When the Cadre Proposals are approved and published the students can register for a Cadre class until the class limit is reached. Students receive emails confirming that they are enrolled. After the limit has been reached the wait listing process is invoked. If a student withdraws from the class the student receives an email confirmation that they are withdrawn. When a student withdraws, the first student on the waitlist is automatically enrolled and notified via email.

There is a class roster for Instructor to enter grades which can only be viewed by the instructor and University Ministries. This page provides functionality for teacher to contact the entire class or individual students. Another process was developed to upload and post the Cadre credits to the student’s Convocation attendance table.

For questions concerning Cadre proposals or registration please contact Brian Pitts in University Ministries.


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