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Technology Services is pleased to announce the completion of a new web site as part of the transition to Ektron. The project, led by Jason Smith include a review and update of all content. A new design was also created to provide easy access to the information that is important to our users. New features available in the site are:

  • News Feed - The news feed is on the home page and includes announcements of new or updated technologies.
  • Services Tab - The Services tab includes listings of service information grouped by role in order to assist students, faculty, or staff in finding information pertinent to the applications they use.
  • Social Options - At the bottom of the content area for every page is a list of social media sharing options including Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and Digg.
  • Related Content - On many pages you will find a "Related Content" section to the right of the content area. This section will provide links to related content that may also be helpful.

The new web site is located at As you review the site please send your feedback concerning areas of success and those features which may need improvement. The help desk can be contacted at or 726-2662.

Posted by Jason Smith at 08/21/2014 08:59:03 AM