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General Email Information

Every recipient of a Samford e-mail address agrees to abide by Samford University’s Acceptable Use Policy when using their address.

Click the Type of E-mail Access item that best fits your needs to receive setup instructions (note: the Outlook Web Access link takes you directly to the OWA login page).


Web-Based Access:This type of access allows you to view your e-mail messsages from anywhere and requires no special setup. You will need to disable your popup blocker for these sites to be fully functional.  

Outlook Web Access—Web-based e-mail access, available anywhere you have internet access and a web browser.


Samford Portal—Access your email by logging into the portal and clicking the E-Mail link.


Client Setup: Below are instructions for setting up e-mail clients such as Outlook and Mac Mail. Setting up a client for e-mail access gives you added functionality such as the ability to archive your messages to free up space in your e-mail account.


Outlook Client Setup—Outlook client on Windows computers, for use on campus and set up through Samford’s Microsoft Exchange Server.


Off-Campus Outlook Client Setup—For those Windows users who travel often or want to use Samford’s Exchange Server from other locations.


Outlook for Mac—Microsoft client for on-campus Macintosh computers. Similar to Windows’ Outlook.



Recovering Passwords

Your security is important. Samford does not provide lost passwords over the phone to ensure that your privacy is not compromised. In the event that you do lose your password, click here.


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