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The Samford Card is the official identification card of Samford University for students, faculty and staff. We use CBORD’s Odyssey system and other CBORD partners to manage the ID system. Information contained on the card includes your photo, name, card number and SUid number. 

Obtaining a Samford Card

Cards are made at the Samford University Public Safety & Emergency Management office.

Adding Bulldog Bucks to Your Card

Via the Web:

You can add Bulldog Bucks to your card by visiting

Note: The first time you visit the site, you must register by clicking the link that reads “Not Registered? Click here to sign up!” 


Parents and others can also add Bulldog Bucks to a card account. First obtain the student’s SUid number (the nine-digit Student ID starting with the number 9) then visit and look for the section for parents and guests.

In Person:

You can also purchase Bulldog Bucks by visiting the Samford Bookstore or at one of our card value centers located outside the bookstore, the University Library, and the Law Library.


Your Samford Card account has multiple tenders associated with it.

Bulldog Bucks: You can purchase Bulldog Bucks at, the Samford Bookstore, or one of our Card Value Centers located across campus. Bulldog Bucks can be used in exchange for many goods and services on campus.

Board: Meal plan points that you can use to purchase meals in the Samford Cafeteria if you are on a meal plan.

Dining Dollars: Dining Dollars are provided each semester to those on certain meal plans for use only in the Samford Food Court and Cafeteria.


Cafeteria: Use the Samford Card to purchase meals at the cafeteria. If you are on a meal plan, when you swipe your card one board point is deducted from your account for the week. If, for example, you are on a 12-meal plan, when you swipe your card, one board point is deducted leaving you with 11 more board points for the week. Each Monday morning, your board points are reset. If you are not on a meal plan, your Bulldog Bucks are deducted for the price of the meal.

Food Court: You can use your Samford Card at the food court. If you are on a meal plan that includes Dining Dollars, these points are used first. When you are out of Dining Dollars, your Bulldog Bucks are used for purchases.

Bookstore: You can use your Samford Card in the bookstore for purchases, your Bulldog Bucks are used here.

Libraries: Your card is used to check out a books in the University Library and Law Library.

Convocation: Swipe your Samford Card at University Convocation events to receive credit for attending. Details can be found at Student Record’s Convocation Information page.

Copiers: Several copiers across campus require that you swipe your card to purchase copies, which uses your Bulldog Bucks.

Fitness Center: Your Samford Card is used to access the fitness center of Campus Recreation.

Printing: Once you have exhausted your printing allotment in GoPrint, Bulldog Bucks are used for prints.

Other locations on campus that accept Bulldog Bucks include the Print Shop and Curriculum Materials & Technology Center.


For help with the Samford Card, please refer to the following areas:

Problem Office Contact Phone Number
Lost or Stolen Card Samford University Public Safety & Emergency Management Terri Robinette
Issues with Meal Plan
Residence Life Tanya Martin
Other Issues
Technology Services
Jeremy Haynes


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