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Arts & Media

The Arts and Media Committee works to cultivate and incorporate creativity into the life and work of University Ministries. Arts and Media creates opportunities for students to explore their faith through their own artistic expressions as well as the creative products of the community.

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The Communications Committee works to inform students of opportunities for involvement within University Ministries. Communications seeks not only to publicize events, but also to educate students of the overall mission of University Ministries.

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Community Involvement

The Community Involvement Committee equips students for a lifestyle of service and ministry through training, experience and reflection within the paradigm of community development. Community Involvement aims to instill in every student a sense of community ownership and global citizenship, encouraging students to incorporate activism and evangelism into their daily lives through relationship and service as neighbors.


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Freshman Ministries

The Freshman Ministries Committee encourages spiritual growth, nurtures meaningful relationships and creates memorable first year moments for freshmen. Freshman Ministries works to connect first year students in deep and significant ways to the larger work of University Ministries.


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Global Involvement

The Global Involvement Committee works to heighten student awareness of God’s work in the world and to facilitate student involvement in that work. Global Involvement seeks to offer students opportunities to experience the world and other cultures as they develop their own understanding of what it means to be a global Christian. These opportunities are varied in character and context.

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Social Justice

The Social Justice Committee works to educate students on important social and cultural issues and relevant avenues of response. Awareness is the predecessor to responsible action, and Social Justice serves to educate and equip students in their pursuit of justice in the global community.

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Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation Committee facilitates the process whereby students are transformed into the image of Christ for the sake of others. Spiritual Formation seeks to create contexts for theological discussion, personal reflection and spiritual growth through exploration and experience.

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The Worship Committee works to provide opportunities for students to respond to the initiatives and character of God. University Ministries recognizes the importance of worship in developing an authentic relationship with God and others. Worship seeks to create contexts that nurture such intimacy.

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Campus Involvement

The Campus Involvement committee works to build bridges between University Ministries and various groups of students across campus through conversation, invitation and participation. Campus Involvement serves to promote and create opportunities for a deeper, diverse experience of community within University Ministries and beyond. 
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