Jeremy Thornton

Dwight Moody Beeson Chair of Business, Associate Professor of Economics

Jeremy Thornton

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Phone: 726-2128
Office: Dwight Beeson Hall 301

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Dr. Jeremy Thornton is the Dwight Moody Beeson Chair of Business,  Associate Professor of Economics and the Coordinator of the Social Entrepreneurship Program at the Brock School of Business.  He also is the Yother Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship.   He teaches micro-economic theory, development economics, social enterprise and International Economics.  Prior to his academic career, Dr. Thornton was the Director of Economic Development at Go International. In that role, he facilitated the design micro-enterprise and anti-poverty programs for civil society organizations in developing countries, primarily Latin America. His projects ranged from micro-lending programs for refugees to medium-sized agricultural and manufacturing operations.

Dr. Thornton’s current research emphasizes the influence of market competition and governance on nonprofit organizations.  See his current research at  Research   

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Ph.D. Economics, University of Kentucky
M.S. International Economic Development, Eastern University
B.A., Asbury University
Yother Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator
2007-2008 Brock Advisory Board Research Fellow
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