What is it?
 A vehicle for exposing our admitted Brock School of Business (not pre-business) students to relevant speakers and other worthwhile developmental activities to enhance their educational experience at the Brock School.
Who participates?
Professional Development Points (PDPs) can only begin to accumulate once a student has been admitted (not pre-business) into the Brock School. 
How many events do students need?
10 to graduate
What counts as an event?
Events, speakers, sessions, conferences, etc. that develop student understanding about important business topics. 
How are events approved?
All requests come to the Associate Dean’s office for initial review. After initial review, the offering is submitted to UEPC for final approval.  
What if I take students to a three day conference on Topic X, shouldn’t that count as Y# of PDPs?
All "events" count as one point.
Can an event count as a convo credit and PDP simultaneously?
Yes, but not always. Convo has a separate approval process. Some events will ONLY be for Professional Development Points, others will count for Convo and Professional Development.
Who will keep track of student involvement?
The Associate Dean’s Office will be responsible for tracking student activity. Like convo, students will be able to see their balances online. The Undergraduate Programs Office will also have access to student progress. Like convo, scanners will be used at events and students will be responsible for having their card at the event in order to receive credit for participation.
When does this start?
Spring 2012 semester. December 2012 graduates must have 5 Professional Development Points to graduate, all others must have 10 PDPs to graduate.