Career Counseling

Career counseling is available in the Career Development Center (CDC) for students of all majors and classifications. Individual career counseling sessions provide students the opportunity to meet with a career counselor to discuss their career aspirations. Students can take a battery of major and career related assessments through the CDC. Career counselors are available to meet with students to interpret their results and share information about recommended majors and occupations.  Through the career counseling process, our career counselors work with students to help them develop a plan to reach their career goals.


For more information about scheduling an individual counseling appointment, please contact the Career Development Center at (205) 726-2980 or Career Counseling appointments are scheduled for one hour. Career counseling walk-ins are available during certain times of the semester when no appointment is necessary, and students are seen on a first come/first served basis. Walk-ins are advertised to the student body when offered.

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