Earth Day Essay Contest

  Earth Day2012 

“When sportsmen of an area want to ‘improve’ fishing in a reservoir, they prevail on authorities to dump quantities of poison into it to kill the undesired fish, which are then replaced with hatchery fish more suited to the sportsmen’s taste. The procedure has a strange Alice-in-Wonderland quality. The reservoir was created as a public water supply, yet the community, probably unconsulted about the sportsmen’s project, is forced either to drink water containing poisonous residues or to pay our tax money for treatment of the water to remove the poisons — treatments that are by no means foolproof.” 

~Rachel Carson, from Silent Spring (1962)

Water is the centerpiece of creation, vital to all life. It is symbolic for cleansing, growth, fertility, cohesion, wisdom, reflection, the subconscious, etc. Yet, water also contains dangerous and destructive powers. Does humanity still honor and fear water? Has its status as an economic commodity changed our value of it? Are politics corrupted in the issue of water preservation? Are communities adequately educated on the treatment of their water? Have we made water’s survival as dependent on us as we are on it? What does water symbolize for humanity today in religion, literature, our local communities, and the world? How have our thoughts changed or stayed the same in relation to water?

We invite you to respond to questions relating to the relationship between water and humanity. Also, consider Carson’s quote and current events, including those in the past year and today, related to water pollution. We’re not looking for lists of facts about environmental issues, but instead we hope to read creative and thoughtful essays focused on the essential nature of water to our bodies and minds. Our question: “Silent Spring,” still silent?

Grand Prize: Kindle plus a $25 Amazon gift card

Runner up prize: $50 Amazon gift card.

Requirements: The contest is open to all currently enrolled Samford undergraduates. Submitted essays

·         May be up to 1500 words.

·         Must be original.

·         Must be Word documents and sent as attachments to by midnight, Sunday, April 1.

·         Please include the following message in the body of your email, followed by your electronic signature:

o    “I give the Communication Resource Center and Samford University permission to publish my essay if they so choose. I understand some minor editing of my essay may be conducted prior to publication and that publication may involve print as well as electronic mediums.” 

All entries will be blind-reviewed by CRC staff. Winners will be announced at noon, April 19, during Earth Day festivities.