Technology Services

Technology Services at Samford University provides technologies to support students, faculty and staff. Services include classroom technology, wireless, administrative systems, email and support. The service desk is located in the University Library on the lower floor room 012.

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What is Microsoft Clutter and do I need it?

Clutter is a feature for Office 365 customers. This feature is used for sorting low priority email. 

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Are you in need of installing Office 365 on your personal computer?

Technology Services is proud to announce the availability of Microsoft Office 365 for all current faculty, staff and students. 

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Automatically Sync Your Files with OneDrive

Learn how to configure Microsoft OneDrive for Business to automatically sync your files. 

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Microsoft OneDrive Restore Deleted Files

Learn how to restore deleted files in Microsoft OneDrive 

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Microsoft OneDrive Version Control

If you collaborate on documents with people through Microsoft OneDrive, it helps to know what changes were made and who made them. Microsoft has a solution for tracking document changes. 

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