Technology Services provides the following information for Samford students and employees who want to help themselves.

Academic Computing Labs

The Academic Computing Labs provide the laboratory environments and technological resources necessary not only to complete assignments but also to cultivate an understanding of and a confidence with the resources available, as well as assisting the faculty as they rely on the laboratories to meet their curricular goals.

Samford University provides seven general access computer labs overseen by the Academic Computing Labs for the academic computing needs of the general student body. Many of the labs also function as classrooms when faculty needs access to computers for instruction. More than 350 computers offer word processing, access to the Internet and many applications specific to the various academic programs.

The Academic Computing Labs are staffed by Ernie Gates, computer labs manager. More than 20 student workers are employed as lab assistants during the spring and fall semesters to assist patrons, keep labs stocked with supplies and help maintain equipment.

The University Library Main Lab is located on the lower level of the University Library. The lab phone number is 205-726-2316, which will connect you to the service desk.

The Academic Computing Lab computers are equipped with the following software:

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Forefront Anti-virus
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • ArcGIS
  • Diet Analysis Plus
  • Geometer’s Sketchpad
  • Mathematica
  • Minitab
  • SPSS

Mac OS X Yosemite

  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Office for Mac
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Mathematica
  • SPSS

Lab Hours

Bulldog Mail Setup (Students)

Your Bulldog Mail account is your official means of communication with Samford University.


Set up a Google account type, input your full Samford email address ( and password, and tap Sign In.


Set up a Gmail account type, input your full Samford email address ( and password, and tap Sign In.

Mac Mail

  1. Enable IMAP under Settings
  2. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  3. Enable IMAP, and save
  4. Add new account using settings below:
    • Account type: IMAP
    • Incoming mail server:
    • Username: your full Samford email address (
    • Password: your Samford email password
    • Use authentication: selected
    • Outgoing mail server:

Microsoft Outlook

The most effective way to currently make use of your Bulldog Mail account through Microsoft Outlook is by using Google Apps Sync.

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook allows you to use Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 effectively with Google Apps.

Download Google Apps Sync

Third-Party Email Clients

Set up an account, using settings below.

  • Account type: IMAP
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Port number: 993
  • Authentication: STARTTLS
  • Username: your full Samford email address (
  • Password: your Samford email password
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • Port number: 587
  • Connection security: STARTTLS

Citrix Remote Access Assistance

Citrix is a remote-access service that allows Samford University to make certain software applications available from a web browser. All you need to access these applications is a web browser and the Citrix Receiver.

Citrix Receiver Configuration Instructions

In most cases you will need to follow the directions from the device you are configuring.

Frequently Asked Questions

We highly recommend you read through this information before you begin using applications from inside Citrix.

Who can use Citrix?

Only current students and employees with a valid Samford user name and password can log into If you are a student and not enrolled and registered for the current term you will not have access.

What Operating Systems are supported?

Windows and Apple OSX.

What applications are available through Citrix?

Employees and students have access to: Office 2010, ArchMap, MiniTab, SPSS, and Mathematica

What is the default storage location being used by Citrix to store files?

Citrix defaults to a network storage location. For employees this would be your home directory or Z drive location. Current (registered) students are granted a 100 megabyte location called student storage. As soon as you are no longer a current student that storage location goes away.

Can the default storage location be changed?

Yes. When saving a document, you can choose a storage location such as your local disk or USB flash drive. However, it will return to the default the next time you save a document.

How do I open and save documents to a network or local drive?

Files must be opened and closed from inside the File Menu inside the application you are using. For example to open or save a Word document you will need to have MS Word opened inside Citrix, click the File menu, then choose the appropriate option to save or open your file.

How do I properly exit an application?

It is very important to note that clicking/tapping the X on an application will not close the session for that application. You must close an application from the File menu. To properly exit click/tap File then exit.

Malware & Virus Protection

Mac: Employees and Students

There are several programs to protect your Mac computer. We are currently using Sophos Anti-Virus on campus. Sophos also offers Anti-Virus for Mac computers for free.

PC: Employees

Sophos is installed as part of the standard disk image on employee computers.

PC: Students

Students with a PC can download free virus scanning software from any of these recommended sources:


Microsoft Office Assistance

Microsoft Office is the standard office productivity suite licensed for Samford University. Additional training opportunities for Samford employees and students are available at

Mac OS

MS Office Help & Support


Office Quick Start Guides

Access 2013

Access 2013 Training

Excel 2013

Excel 2013 Training

OneNote 2013

OneNote 2013 Training

Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 Training

PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2013 Training

Word 2013

Word 2013 Training

Samford Card

The Samford Card is the official identification card of Samford University for students, faculty and staff. We use CBORD’s Odyssey system and other CBORD partners to manage the ID system. Information contained on the card includes your photo, name, card number and SUid number.

Obtaining a Samford Card

Cards are made at the Samford University Public Safety & Emergency Management office.


Your Samford Card account has multiple tenders associated with it.

Bulldog Bucks

You can purchase Bulldog Bucks at, the Samford Bookstore, or one of our card value centers located across campus. Bulldog Bucks can be used in exchange for many goods and services on campus.


Meal plan points that you can use to purchase meals in the Samford Cafeteria if you are on a meal plan.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are provided each semester to those on certain meal plans for use only in the Samford Food Court and Cafeteria.



Use the Samford Card to purchase meals at the cafeteria. If you are on a meal plan, when you swipe your card one board point is deducted from your account for the week. If, for example, you are on a 12-meal plan, when you swipe your card, one board point is deducted leaving you with 11 more board points for the week. Each Monday morning, your board points are reset. If you are not on a meal plan, your Bulldog Bucks are deducted for the price of the meal.

Food Court

You can use your Samford Card at the food court. If you are on a meal plan that includes Dining Dollars, these points are used first. When you are out of Dining Dollars, your Bulldog Bucks are used for purchases.


You can use your Samford Card in the bookstore for purchases, deducting from your Bulldog Bucks.


Your card is used to check out books and other materials in the University Library and Law Library.


Swipe your Samford Card at University Convocation events to receive credit for attending. Details can be found at Convocation Information page.


Several copiers across campus require that you swipe your card to purchase copies, which uses your Bulldog Bucks.

Fitness Center

Your Samford Card is used to access the fitness center of Campus Recreation.


Once you have exhausted your printing allotment in GoPrint, Bulldog Bucks are used for prints.

Other locations on campus that accept Bulldog Bucks include the Print Shop and Curriculum Materials & Technology Center.

Adding Bulldog Bucks to Your Card

Via the Web

You can add Bulldog Bucks to your card by visiting

Note: The first time you visit the site, you must register by clicking the link that reads “Not Registered? Click here to sign up!”

In Person

You can also purchase Bulldog Bucks by visiting the Samford Bookstore or at one of our card value centers located outside the bookstore, the University Library, and the Law Library.


Parents and others can also add Bulldog Bucks to a card account. First obtain the student’s SUid number (the nine-digit Student ID starting with the number 9) then visit and look for the section for parents and guests.

Wireless Networks on Campus

Samford University offers wireless connection all across campus, providing students and employees the convenience and flexibility of using portable computing devices at non-traditional locations. Three available wireless networks serve different functions:

Samford User

Requires authentication by Samford username and password. Accesses outside Internet and all on-campus services.

Setup Instructions

Samford Guest

Guests on Samford’s campus may connect to the Samford Guest network. Requires completion of online form, and provides temporary username and password sent via email or text message.

Request Temporary Account for Event or Large Group

To request a temporary wireless account for an event or large group, complete request form. Access will be generated and sent via email. This form can only be completed by an employee of Samford University.

Guest Access Request Form

Not All Devices Support the Authentication

Samford uses an enterprise class wireless network and not all devices support the authentication. Examples include certain e-readers (Nook and Kindle—Kindle Fire can connect), wireless printers and netbooks running certain Linux based OSes. We suggest you ensure support for the WPA2 authentication method before purchasing a new device for on-campus use.

Employees Only

Email Setup Instructions

Every recipient of a Samford e-mail address agrees to abide by Samford University’s Acceptable Use Policy when using their address.


Client e-mail access gives you added functionality such as the ability to archive your messages to free up space in your e-mail account.


Remote Connection Services+

Samford University offers employees several tools for Mac and Windows users to remotely access content from off campus.


Access content on network storage locations such as the W, X and Z drives.


Cross-platform application access for off-campus users

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Instructions

VPN use is limited to Samford-owned computers for specialized network access. Most users should utilize Citrix to access applications. The process for Samford VPN request is to have your immediate supervisor send an email to requesting VPN access. You will then be notified with further instructions about having the VPN client installed.

Sophos Antivirus (Personal Use)

As a Samford University employee you are entitled to use Sophos Home antivirus protection under our Sophos license agreement.

Download and save the file to a thumb drive or external drive, or download on your home computer. Please do not install this application on your work computer.


Click download below. On the login screen please enter your samford credentials. You will need to select Downloads on the left. Then you can select Sophos Endpoint for Mac. After making your selection you will see a download button at the bottom of the page. Your software will download to your computer and you can  install it.



Click download below. On the login screen please enter your samford credentials. You will need to select Downloads on the left. Then you can select Sophos Endpoint for Windows. After making your selection you will see a download button at the bottom of the page. Your software will download to your computer and you can  install it.


Technology in Learning Center

The Technology in Learning Center (TLC) supports Samford University faculty and staff in implementing technological tools to enhance teaching and learning throughout the university. We can help you develop online course materials, arrange a short-term loan for a piece of computer equipment, work with you on a PowerPoint presentation and help you to digitize your slides or course syllabus. If it involves teaching and technology, we can help you make it happen.

Primary services and resources

  • The Technology in Learning Center, located on the lower level of the University Library, is a fully equipped multimedia computer lab. Drop by any time to use the facilities or make an appointment with a technology specialist who can work with you one-on-one.
  • We are the primary point of contact for faculty members utilizing Moodle, Samford’s online course management system.
  • The TLC maintains an equipment pool consisting of LCD projectors, notebook computers, digital cameras and other technological equipment. These materials are available free to faculty and staff, and may normally be reserved for up to a week.

Telephone & Voicemail Guide