The Office of Events Management oversees university event operations and logistics. We strive to create more efficient ways to use our scheduling resources to provide high-quality event support to the university and community. The Office of Events Management operates under Policy 1.02.

External events and guests are currently not permitted.

Internal Events

Bring Back the Bulldogs Events

An “event” is when ten (10) or more people gathered or are expected to gather for a planned on-campus occasion. See below for work-related meetings; they are not considered an “event.” An event can be indoors or outdoors at any place on Samford property. University facilities may be reserved for events after all Fall 2020 academic classes are scheduled. University-level events such as admission activities, Homecoming, and Family Weekend will be scheduled first, followed by events hosted for students or employees, and then external events, if permitted. Pursuant to government orders and guidance, as well as any other Samford rules and regulations, events may be allowed on campus if operating in the Go Sam or Safer Sam scenario. The university will prescribe guidelines that are specific to the nature, location, time and attendance of an event.

Student organizations shall work with their faculty or staff advisor to plan on campus events. Non-student events should coordinate with the Office of Events Management through SPACES. Events at the Wright Center must be coordinated with the Director of Performance Venues. All events, regardless of nature, are subject to the rules set forth in the following section.

Event Rules

1. If scheduling is resumed, external and internally sponsored events must follow Event Management applicable policies, deadlines and SPACES protocols.

2. The host of a proposed event shall submit an application to the Office of Events Management at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event. The application shall include a social distancing plan (e.g. 6-foot separation, attendee traffic flow, entrance and exit plan, queueing and line management parameters, multiple entry points of entry, controlled access, grouped admission and reserved seating). Information about campus buildings and outdoor venues may be requested from the Office of Events Management.

3. Face coverings are required in all campus public spaces and are required for event attendees. External guests should have their personal face coverings or the event host shall provide them.

4. Only pre-packaged food or individually prepared/wrapped meals (i.e. boxed meals prepared by a professional food establishment) or plated meals may be served. No homemade food or outside catering is permitted, including delivery.

5. Single use disposable utensils, paper products, cups and condiments are required.

6. Shared items such as props and outdoor games are not permitted.

7. Samford may require health screening as a condition of event attendance. All attendees shall certify they have no symptoms of COVID-19.

8. Admission tickets or a wellness pass may be required by Samford.

9. Sanitization of event facilities is required and may result in additional expense to event organizers.

10. All event attendees agree to follow all Samford COVID-19 protocols as a condition of attending any event on Samford property. Refusal to adhere to all or any portion of these protocols may result in the attendee being asked to leave the event or the campus and/or termination of the event.

If an on-campus COVID-19 case is identified, events may be cancelled or postponed with minimal or no advance notice.

Social Distancing for Classrooms, Conferecene Rooms, and Labs

Faculty/Staff Meetings

Congregating in groups increases the risk of viral transmission. Meetings should be held to the fullest extent possible using one of the many available collaboration tools such as Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams and telephone conferences. In-person meetings are subject to the restrictions imposed by local, state and federal orders, which vary from time to time and are also dependent upon the size of the meeting venue. Meeting attendance should not exceed the social distancing room capacity, which requires individuals to maintain 6 feet of separation for social distancing requirements. All shared spaces such as conference rooms have been setup for proper social distancing and chairs and tables should not be moved. All attendees must wear a face covering while sharing space in a common room. Employees should communicate with colleagues and supervisors by email, instant message, texts, telephone or the aforementioned collaboration tools rather than face-to-face.

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