SPACES Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions and Troubleshooting+

What is SPACES?

SPACES is an acronym for Samford’s Planning and Calendaring Event System. Any type of event or meeting held on campus should be entered into SPACES. Any event open to the public, on campus or off, should be entered into SPACES so that it can be promoted on the public events calendar. 

Why is it important to include all events/activities in SPACES?

It is important to include all events, regardless of the number of attendees or the space being used, so that facilities management, public safety, HVAC, parking, and other resources can be planned. It also helps other event planners on campus be aware of events that are happening on a given day.

Is SPACES replacing R25?

SPACES is an upgrade to R25, not a replacement. All of the events you’ve saved in R25 up to this point will be available in SPACES after the upgrade.

Will SPACES change the room reservation process?

The room reservation process will work exactly the same as it did with R25.

Will SPACES change the way Banner courses are scheduled?

Academic courses will continue to be entered in Banner and imported into SPACES the same as before.

Can I add open/close hours for the rooms I schedule?

Yes. Please send a list of rooms and hours to

What are blackout dates and how does it affect me?

On dates where larger crowds are expected on campus, Events Management will be responsible for approving SPACES requests in locations that hold more than 50 people

  • If you are an Event Requester:
    • Any request for a location that holds more than 50 people for any of the listed dates will be routed to Events Management for approval instead of the Building Coordinator.
  • If you are a Building Coordinator:
    • When someone requests an event in your locations for any of the listed dates, the task will go to Events Management and you will not receive a task. 
    • When you enter an event for any of the listed dates in any of your locations that hold more than 50 people, a task will be routed to Events Management and your location will not be reserved until approved by Events Management. Your room will not be automatically approved.  

How do I know if my room or resource request has been approved?

The Tasks tab in SPACES allows you to view all tasks that have been assigned by you. The tasks will have a status of In Progress, Granted, or Denied.

How do I add a SPACES calendar to Outlook (Windows) or Calendar (Mac)?

For step-by-step instructions on adding a location to Outlook, click here. For step-by-step instructions on adding a location to the Mac Calendar, click here.

How do I clear the cache in my browser?

For step-by-step instructions on clearing your browser cache on Windows, click here. For step-by-step instructions on clearing your browser cache on a Mac, click here

SPACES says I do not have permission to schedule an event. Did something about my security change?

Clear the cache in your browser and try again. 

How do I update/edit my contact information in SPACES? 

When you are logged in to SPACES, there is a link called Preferences next to “Welcome, (your name here).” Click Preferences and then choose Edit Your Contact Information. 

How do I add a shortcut to SPACES on my desktop? 

Click here for instructions to add a shortcut for SPACES to your desktop.

Promoting Your Event+

How do I promote an event on the public calendar?

You must request the resource called CAL—Public Events Calendar and provide marketing information for your event to be considered for the public calendar.

How do I promote an off campus event on the public calendar?

There is a space called OFF CAMPUS that you may use for off campus events. When you enter marketing information for your event, be sure to include the location and address. 

How do I promote an event that is held in multiple locations across campus?

If you have a large event that’s spread all over campus, reserve the individual spaces for operations purposes. For promotional purposes, there is a space called ON CAMPUS/MULTIPLE LOCATIONS. Create a separate event using this space. In the marketing information field called Related Website, be sure to include a link to a detailed schedule on your Samford site.

What is the difference between Event Name and Event Title?

The Event Name field is limited to 40 characters and is required to save your event. Event Title has a limit of 120 characters and is not a required field. An example of Event Name is “The Skin of Our Teeth”. An example of the title for this event would be “Michael J. and Mary Anne Freeman Theatre and Dance Series Presents: The Skin of Our Teeth.”

What if I need marketing/communication assistance in addition to placing the event on the public calendar?

For marketing/communication assistance with print, advertising, photo, video, news, publicity, etc, please contact the marketing/communicator contact in your academic school or the Office of Marketing and Communication, 205-726-4306. This planning should be done well in advance of the actual event.

My event should be on the public calendar but it’s not. What's wrong? 

The public events calendar updates in 20-minute intervals. If it’s been 20 minutes, clear your cache and try again. Events will only appear on the calendar if the building coordinator has approved the location you requested and the Office of Marketing and Communication has approved the calendar resource. 

Planning Your Event+

How do I request Facilities resources for my event?

On the resources section of the event wizard, search for the FS—Facility Services category of resources. There you will find a variety of items available for your event. 

Is there a time limit on requesting Facilities resources for my event?

Please do not make resource requests fewer than 48 hours before your event. Not allowing enough time may result in a lack of resources for your event.

How do I request set-up for special spaces such as the Howard Room, Pete Hanna Center and the Sullivan-Cooney Family Field House?

The Howard Room, Hanna Center, and Sullivan-Cooney Family Field House have tables and chairs outside of the regular facilities resources available. If you request one of the rooms listed and would like for it to be set up a certain way, request the resource called Room Setup Request. Setup instructions must be included so facilities will know how to arrange the tables and chairs for your event.

Where do I put setup instructions for the resources I need for my event?

Click the link called View and Modify Occurrences to enter quantity and setup instructions. Click here for screenshots and instructions.

My event has a large number of people coming to campus but they will not all be in one place at the same time. How do I enter this in SPACES?

When the event wizard asks you for a headcount, give the total headcount of people who will be coming to campus for your event. When you request the rooms for your event, click the link called View and Modify Occurrences to provide a headcount for that space only. You should do this for each space you are requesting. Click here for screenshots and instructions.

Building Coordinators

Contact Allison Brymer with updates at x2762 or

Academy of the Arts
All Spaces Brett Bullard 4049
Air Force ROTC Detachment
All Spaces Lisa Falletta 2859
Art Lofts
All Spaces Dorothy Mangum 2840
Beeson Divinity Hall
North Wing 2nd and 3rd Floors Gretchen Sexton 2946
North Wing 1st Floor Jim Pounds 2338
South Wing Jim Pounds 2338
N101 Jim Pounds 2338
Student Commons Jim Pounds 2338
Hodges Chapel Vickie Gaston 2227
Beeson University Center
Ben Brown Plaza Susan Cooper 2752
Cafeteria Susan Cooper 2752
Exhibit Area Susan Cooper 2752
Howard Room Susan Cooper 2752
Food Court Susan Cooper 2752
Quad Susan Cooper 2752
Bonnie Bolding Swearingen Hall
Bolding Studio Mandy Pierce 2951
Classrooms BBS 101, 106, 114, 153, 330, and 332 Natalie Harrison 4034
Gallery Natalie Harrison 4034
Harrison Theatre Mandy Pierce 2951
Studio 060 Mandy Pierce 2951
Brooks Hall
First and Second Floor Rooms Glenda Martin 2771
Third Floor Rooms Amy Spade 2886
Buchanan Hall
All Spaces Jane Caswell 2851
Burns Hall (Closed for renovations until Summer 2018)
First Floor Rooms Vicki Thornburg 2747
Second Floor Rooms Kath White 2825
Third Floor Rooms Kath White 2825
Campus Recreation Facilities
All Spaces Nick Madsen 2194
Chapman Hall (Closed for renovations until Summer 2018)
First-Floor Rooms Vicki Thornburg 2747
Third-Floor Rooms Brenda Ridgeway 2925
College of Health Sciences
All Spaces Lesley Parrish 4378
Computer Labs
All Spaces Sandra Wilson 4023
Cooney Hall
All Spaces Lisa Mosley 2364
Davis Library
All Spaces Eric P. Allen 2846
Dwight Beeson Hall
All Classrooms Glenda Martin (Interim) 2771
Brock Forum Glenda Martin (Interim) 2771
Dwight M. and Lucille S. Beeson Center
All Spaces Debbie Mize 2331
Hazel P. Boren Courtyard
All Spaces Randall Richardson 4591
Ingalls Hall
All Spaces Mattilyn Harless 2848
J. H. Brock Hall
Brock Recital Hall Randall Richardson 4591
Classrooms Jane Caswell 2851
Law Library
All Spaces Greg Laughlin 2430
Orlean Bullard Beeson
All Spaces Lee Ann Berthiaume 2121
Outdoor Areas
Athletic Nick Madsen 2194
Non-athletic Susan Cooper 2752
Pete Hanna Center
All Spaces Julian McMillian 4351
Propst Hall
First- and Second Floor rooms Cindy Kennington 2844
Christenberry Planetarium David Weigel 4139
Ground and Third Floor rooms Chrissy Ware 4255
Conservatory Suzanne Oberholster 4245
Reid Chapel (Closed for renovations until Summer 2018)
Chapel Kath White 2825
Commons Kath White 2825
Robinson Hall
All Spaces Tami Zenker 2701
Russell Hall
All Spaces Mattilyn Harless 2848
Samford Hall
All Spaces Lisa Vines 2390
Seibert Hall
Classrooms Nick Madsen 2194
Sullivan-Cooney Family Field House
All Spaces James Carlson 2085
University Center Annex
First Floor Karen Ryan 2465
Second Floor Eric Fournier 2113
Third Floor Cathy Graham 2017
Wright Center
Concert Hall Mark Stone 4594
Green Room and Dressing Rooms Mark Stone 4594