We assist minority students in achieving the highest scholarship possible by providing tutoring and other academic resources.


We promote a sense of community by providing programming that enables the Samford community to grow and learn together.


We foster a sense of pride in self and the Samford community by helping students, faculty, and staff recognize their investment in the university and the university’s investment in them.


Our Team

Photo of Denise Gregory
Denise J. Gregory
Assistant Provost for Diversity & Intercultural Initiatives and Associate Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Office: 326 Beeson Hall
Photo of Jenée Spencer
Jenée Spencer
Director of Diversity Education and Development
Academic Affairs, Office of Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives
Office: 326 Beeson Hall

Latest News

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Samford Announces Membership of New Task Force on Racial Justice
Earlier today, the university announced the membership of the new Task Force on Racial Justice, which was formed in June and charged with advancing racial justice at Samford.  
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Samford Shares Update on Task Force on Racial Justice
In a statement to the university community on June 22, Samford University President Andrew Westmoreland announced several updates from the past two weeks since new initiatives to advance racial justice throughout the campus community were launched. 
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Samford Announces New Task Force, Affirms Commitment to Racial Diversity
In an email to the campus community on June 8, Samford University President Andrew Westmoreland was clear. “We will do more. We must do more,” he wrote as he outlined a number of initiatives intended to immediately contribute to greater racial diversity on campus.