Samford University

Guidelines for Facility Use


All promotional materials for activities held on the Samford University campus, not sponsored

by Samford University, must clearly state that the event is not sponsored by Samford University.

The sponsor assumes responsibility for the facility/area being used. 


The facility/area fee is due prior to use of the facility. The sponsor also assumes responsibility for 

enforcing the University requirements of no alcohol on campus, and no smoking in campus 

facilities. Removal of materials, supplies, and equipment brought in by the sponsor/group,

 and the placement of trash in proper containers are the responsibility of the sponsor. 

Items are never to be taped anywhere in the facility, and facility equipment is never to be used 

without approval of the University. 


If the sponsor or group changes the room arrangement in anyway, the sponsor is responsible for

replacing the room arrangement. Food and drink are never allowed in the classrooms or

auditoriums. Leaving the facility in a condition that warrants extra arrangement/clean-up or

failure to follow the policies stated in this agreement will result in an extra fee of $500.


The sponsor is liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged University property that may occur in/on

the reserved University facility/area during the reserved time. Samford University is not

responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.


Any changes to the space used on campus need to be approved in advance by the Office of Event