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Academic Affairs Committee

Committee on Academic Affairs

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Committee Members

    Mary McCullough, Arts and Sciences
    Kristie Chandler, Education (Chair)
    Eric Fournier, Arts and Sciences
    Julie Steward, Arts and Sciences
    Barbara Cartledge, Business
    Ken Mathews, Divinity
    LaJuana Davis, Law
    Liz Wells, Library
    Cindy Berry, Nursing
    David Glenn, The Arts
    Jeff Kyle, Pharmacy
    Pat Terry, Health Professions and Public Health

Ex-Officio Members

    Provost or Designee (Chris Metress)
    University Registrar (Jay Flynn)
    Director of Teaching, Learning and Scholarship (Nancy Biggio)
    Student (Clarissa Davidson)


This committee shall have responsibility to study, evaluate, and recommend policies concerning the academic affairs of the University in five areas, working with the Center for Teaching, Learning and Scholarship and other resources as appropriate.

1. Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship.  Concerns include but are
    not limited to:
    a. Evaluation of faculty by various groups (e.g. peer reviews,
        student evaluations)
    b. Processes for enhancing teaching, learning, and scholarship
    c. Encouragement of and support for faculty research, including
       solicitation, review, and prioritization of faculty proposals for
       internally funded research and development grants

2. Faculty Development.  Concerns include but are not limited to:
    a. Orientation of new faculty
    b. Mentoring of new faculty
    c. Identifying faculty development opportunities and faculty 
       training programs
    d. Sabbaticals
    e. Visiting scholar programs

3. Academic Administration.  Concerns include but are not limited
    a. Admissions
    b. Academic dishonesty
    c. Academic probation and suspension
    d. Academic calendar
    e. Student retention

4. Academic Freedom Complaints.  This committee shall review
    written complaints regarding academic freedom as outlined in
    section A6.3 of this Handbook.

5. Academic Program Approval.  This committee shall review and
    recommend applications for new academic programs, and
    substantive revisions to existing programs and requirements.

Composition (Faculty):
Arts and Sciences (3)        Education (1)        Arts (1)
Business (1)                    Law (1)                Nursing (1)
Divinity (1)                      Library (1)            Pharmacy (1)

Ex-officio (non-voting):
Provost or Designee; Dean of Academic Services; Director of Teaching, Learning and Scholarship; Student

Total:  11 voting; 4 non-voting

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