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Not all roads lead to Rome, but they do if you are a University Fellow. In addition to traveling to Rome, University Fellows are provided other opportunities to explore their education in a global context. Fellows can read Shakespeare at the Daniel House in London, travel to the Amazon in Jan Term for biology credit, or sign up for our exchange program in Hong Kong. Wherever you want your journey to take you, University Fellows is committed to making it happen.

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All University Fellows travel to Italy during Jan Term of the sophomore year. One of the most substantial benefits to being a Fellow is that the program covers the cost of airfare, hotel, and ground transportation for this study abroad experience. Students only pay for meals and a few museum entrances. While in Italy, Fellows spend nearly three weeks visiting historic sites in Rome and Florence. In addition, they have a three-day travel break to explore other Italian cities.  
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Daniel Foundation Scholarships

Thanks to a $450,000 endowed gift from the Daniel Foundation, Fellows benefit from international study scholarships in their junior and senior years. These scholarships can be used for any semester and any country. In 2011-2012, the scholarships helped fund semesters in London, Hong Kong, Argentina, and France. Next year, students are receiving scholarships for study in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Costa Rica, and Jordan. 
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Global Service and Internships

At Samford, learning extends beyond the classroom walls. As a Fellow, you'll have access to special funding for global service projects and internships. We call these Excellence Funds, and they can be used for a wide array of academic enrichment experiences on campus and away. In previous years, three students received funding for health fellowships in Haiti, Peru, and Uganda. Another student traveled to India to teach English to children living in slums.  

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