Samford University

Long Term Disability

If you are a full-time employee and you become sick or disabled, after a period of 90 days of continuous disability you will be eligible to receive a monthly benefit.

The amount of your benefit will be sixty percent of your pre-disability earnings, reduced by other income benefits such as social security disability.

The carrier is Lincoln Financial.

Premiums are paid by the University.

All full time employees are eligible for this benefit upon day of hire.

The maximum monthly benefit is $10,000.00

The minimum monthly benefit is $100.00

Disabled or Disability means that due to sickness or as a direct result of accidental injury, you are:

  • Receiving appropriate care and treatment and complying with the requirements of such treatment
  • Unable to perform each of the material duties of your own occupation
  • Unable to earn more than 80% of your pre-disability earnings at your own occupation from any employer in your local economy

Long Term Disability Frequently Asked Questions

  •  If I become disabled will my payments be made bi-weekly or monthly?
    The payments will be monthly payments.
  •  Once I have been approved for disability, do I ever have to re-apply?
    Lincoln Financial may periodically request that you send proof of your continued disability. Such proof may include physical exams, in-home interviews, or functional capacity exams as needed.
  •  What happens to my benefit if I pass away?
    Any benefit that was due and unpaid will be paid to your designated beneficiary. If there is no designated beneficiary, payment will be in the following order: your spouse if still alive, your unmarried child(ren) under age 25, your estate.
  •  How do I apply for LTD?
    Contact Human Resources.
  •  Will I pay taxes on my monthly LTD benefit?
    You will pay federal taxes only on your LTD benefit.