Samford University

Manager's Toolbox General Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

How is a job assigned to a pay grade?
A job description is submitted to the Director of Human Resources. The Director confers with the manager submitting the job description to assure the accuracy of the job description. The Director of HR then considers the knowledge, skills and abilities required as well as internal and external equity issues. A recommended pay grade and salary range is then communicated to the manager.
How is a starting salary determined?
Salary offers should be discussed with the Employment Coordinator or the Director of Human Resources during the recruitment and hiring process prior to communicating any salary information to a prospective employee. Typically the University attempts to hire at a salary within the first quartile of the salary range. However, salary offers up to the midpoint may be recommended with approval of the department head and Director of Human Resources. Hiring above the midpoint of the salary range requires approval of the appropriate Vice President/Provost. Availability of funds is a significant factor.
How is a raise determined for a promotion?
Based on the availability of funds, promotional increases may not exceed 10% for moves of one pay grade or 15% for moves of two or more pay grades, or the minimum of the new pay grade, whichever is greater. Promotional increases must be approved by the Employment Coordinator or the Director of Human Resources prior to communicating the salary information to the employee.
Are raises given for transfers?
When an employee makes a lateral move from one position to another within the same pay grade, the current salary remains unchanged.
Can an employee be paid below the minimum of the salary grade for his/her job?
Can an employee be paid above the maximum of the salary grade for his/her job?
If an employee's salary is at or above the maximum of a salary grade, an annual pay increase may be granted based on special circumstances and overall employee performance. The increase will be subject to approval by the respective Vice President/Provost, a review by the Director of Human Resources and concurrence of the President.
When are annual raises given?
Based on the availability of University funds, annual adjustments to salary coincide with the first part of the fiscal year and are usually in the form of a merit increase where the adjustment is based on individual performance.
When are newly hired employees eligible for a salary increase?
An employee with acceptable performance and with at least six months of service in his/her current position on July 1 will be eligible. An employee with less than six months of service in a position on July 1 who has not received an increase, will be eligible for a salary increase at the successful completion of six months of employment.
When are employees who have had a promotion eligible for a salary increase?
An employee who has experienced a position status change is eligible for a merit salary increase on the normal budget cycle so long as he/she has completed at least six months service in the position by July 1.