Students and Academic Integrity

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Below are a number of useful videos, case studies, and other resources for students covering a range of academic integrity issues.

Samford Student Handbook

Samford University's definition of cheating, and information on the consequences of doing so.


A publication by McGill University that explores academically dishonest scenarios in an engaging way.

"Now You Know...Academic Integrity Issues You May Not Have Discussed in Class"

Another resource from McGill University that examines behaviors many students wouldn't necessarily see as academically dishonest.

"Academic Integrity: A Letter to My Students"

Professor Bill Taylor addresses students specifically, setting standards for both his students and himself.

"Students' True Stories"

Students at the University of Windsor discuss why they cheated and what the effects have been.

"Academic Integrity: Common Misconceptions"

A resource from Ryerson University that discusses common misconceptions about cheating.

"Perspectives on Plagiarism"

A resource from Saint Leo University that explores student and faculty perspectives on plagiarism.

Library Resource Center

The Mann Center maintains a continuously updated, online collection of resources, including teaching materials, scholarly journals, books and other useful information on ethics and ethical leadership. Located on the website of the University Library, this collection includes books and other useful resources on academic integrity.

Samford's Communication Resource Center

The Samford Communication Resource Center provides personal assistance to students who need help with citation, as well as other services designed to help students excel honestly in the classroom.

University of Texas Libraries: Plagiarism Module

An interactive resource provided by the University of Texas that helps students understand plagiarism.

"Academic Integrity: Episodes"

A series of animated videos designed to help students recognize academic dishonesty and avoid it.



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