Samford University


Nonprofit and First Class Pricing


Costs per Piece (weighing up to 3.3 ounces)


  Nonprofit Automated Nonprofit Non-automated Standard Automated Standard Non-automated
Postcard NA NA NA NA
Letter .169 .172 .27 .273
Flat .362 .424 .496 .558


Costs per Piece (weighing up to 1 ounce)


First Class Presorted Automated First Class Presorted Nonautomated First Class Full Rate
Postcard .23 .245 .28
Letter .382 .414 .44
Flat .725 .757 .88


Automated vs. Nonautomated


  • Processed by the Samford Post Office with an electronic data file provided by the client
  • Each piece is printed with a ZIP+4 and barcode
  • Cheapest option


  • Client provides pieces with printed labels in ZIP code order to the Samford Post Office
  • Client must provide exact count of all pieces
  • Not as cheap as automated

Electronic Data Files

Must meet USPS requirements with National Change of Address [NCOA] certification. Lists from the Office of Advancement Services (alumni and friends) already meet these requirements. The Samford post office can provide NCOA certification for other lists if needed.

Must be provided in Excel via e-mail or on disk

Each column must contain only one data point:

Prefix First Name Last Name Suffix Address1 Address2 City State ZIP


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