Samford University


Visitation Policy

Visitation for all Residence Halls

Sunday - Thursday: 2pm-10pm
Friday and Saturday - 2pm until 12 midnight

Guidelines for Visitation

  • All guests participating in the visitation period must sign in at the Area Office. At the conclusion of the visitation period, the host and guest must sign out at the Area Office.
  • At sign-in, guests must leave a picture ID at the Area Office and receive a "Residence Hall Pass"; the pass must be kept with them during the visitation period.
  • Students participating in the Visitation period, must leave their door open at least six inches which indicates to staff they are participating in the visitation period. In Beeson Woods and Student Apartments the exterior door and the interior bedroom doors should be open at least six inches.
  • At no time should a guest walk through the residence hall/area without being escorted by his/her guest.
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