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The Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada

 The University of Quebec at Chicoutimi is one of the smaller branches of the UQ system with fewer than 7000 students. UQAC has a small and easy to navigate campus located on the edge of downtown Chicoutimi. Students with less advanced French will take courses in the Ecole de langue française et culture québécoise. More advanced students may take regular University courses, after passing a proficiency exam. UQAC offers a full curriculum as expected at a full branch of the largest University system in the province. Most courses are in French, however, there are some offerings in English. Internships and service learning possibilities exist.

Samford University and The University of Quebec at Chicoutimi initiated a direct exchange agreement in 2012. Up to two Samford students may go to Chicoutimi each fall semester. Samford students who choose to take courses in Chicoutimi are responsible for the following: Samford tuition, travel costs to Chicoutimi, the cost of room and board in Chicoutimi, and other incidental costs. Although a specific level of French language ability is not required, it is strongly suggested that students have at least an intermediate proficiency in French prior to going to Chicoutimi. Students interested in applying to UBP should contact the International Studies Director in Brooks Hall or call (205) 726-2741 by April 1.

Fall Term only: August to December