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Office of Values Advocacy

The Office of Value Advocacy seeks to assist students in understanding the importance of civic responsibility. In accordance with moral standards of the Christian existence, the Code of Values are designed to provide students with enduring values that transcends their time at Samford. 

Code of Values

Samford University affirms the value of a peaceful and purposeful community, founded on the moral and ethical integrity of students, staff and faculty. We expect members to be responsible and committed to a spirit of cooperation that will create an orderly, caring and just community. The Code of Values are five basic principles that underlie the rights and responsibilities of the university community

Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Values Violation process

The purpose of the value violation process to give fundamental fairness to a student who has allegedly violated a Code of Values. Fundamental fairness means a student is given an opportunity to present a description of events and to review the evidence that led to the alleged value violation.
Hearing process | Appeal process | Sanctions for disciplinary actions