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Samford University now offers wireless connection all across campus. This service provides students and employees the convenience and flexibility of using portable computing devices at non-traditional locations around campus.  There are three Wireless Networks available for use that serve different functions:


Samford User—This network requires you to authenticate by entering in your Samford user name and Samford password. By connecting to this wireless network you can reach the outside internet and all on-campus services.


Click here for Windows 7 Instructions.


Click here for Mac OSX instructions.


Click here for Android Instructions.


Click here for iPhone/iPad/iPod instructions.


ConfigSUWirless—This wireless network is for people who may have trouble connecting to Samford Users. Its purpose is to help you get connected securely to wi-fi on our campus. After connecting your device it will launch the XpressConnect client. If the client doesn’t launch immediately just open your web browser. It will also ask for your Samford user name and Samford password.  The XpressConnect Client will then automatically configure your device to connect to Samford Users.


Samford Guest—If you are a guest on Samford’s campus you may connect to the Samford Guest network and complete an online form and have a temporary user name and password sent to you via email or text message.


Need to request a wireless temporary account for an event or large group visting campus? CLICK HERE, then complete the request form, and the access will be generated and sent to you via email. This form can only be completed by an employee of Samford University.


Take Note: Samford uses an enterprise class wireless network and not all devices support the authentication.  Examples include certain e-readers (Nook and Kindle—Kindle Fire can connect), wireless printers and netbooks running certain Linux based OSes.  We suggest you ensure support for the WPA2 authentication method before purchasing a new device for on-campus use.  


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