Economics Major

B.S.B.A. course requirements 

B.A. course requirements

An economics major equips students with both specific skills and a broad general knowledge of economic forces that impact industry and government. Students will be prepared to enter a variety of fields and careers in business and public policy.

  • The Economist has reported that the number of economics majors in the United States has grown 40% in recent years and has become the most popular major at many top American universities.
  • The Harvard Crimson asks the question, "Why does everyone at Harvard concentrate in economics?"and then lists five reasons including that it "is interesting and useful for answering fundamental and important questions" and "is a practical and marketable degree." 
  • Economics majors learn how to research and analyze the marketplace by examining logical models.  These models can then be applied to particular problems to predict actions that need to be taken to incent people, firms and governments to react in a certain way. 
  • Economics majors will need a graduate degree in economics to be an economist, however economics is an excellent major when interested in other graduate degrees such as Law.