MBA Program Description and Goals

The Master of Business Administration is an evening program and an online program providing a comprehensive education for expanded managerial roles in a variety of organizations. Students have the option of adding a concentration to their degree by taking one additional, approved elective beyond the two normally required for the MBA degree. Students may also earn an MBA without a concentration.

The MBA degree program at the Brock School of Business provides graduates the skills needed to be successful managers and leaders in a competitive global business environment. The core business functions of accounting, economics, finance, operations, marketing, human resources and organizational behavior, management information systems, and corporate strategy are taught with a focus on problem solving and practical application in the workplace. Specific learning goals articulated for the MBA degree program include:  

Cross Disciplinary Competence:

integrating business processes across functional areas in order to make holistic, timely and informed decisions.  

Critical Thinking and Decision Making:

generating and synthesizing information to make and implement timely and informed decisions.  

Effective Communication:

improving abilities to communicate ideas, analyses, plans, and evaluations to individuals and groups.  

Corporate and Social Responsibility:

building the capacity and inclination to make decisions based on comprehensive values and to take actions that demonstrate an awareness of and an attempt to serve all stakeholders.  


recognizing the importance of effective teamwork, valuing diverse perspectives and skills, and assuming a variety of roles to accomplish team objectives.