Stephanie  Gushlaw

Home State

New York

Undergraduate Institution and Graduation Year

Syracuse University, 2013


Legal Interests

I want to practice Civil Litigation and am interested in Medical Malpractice and Employment Law.

What do you think is the best thing about Cumberland?

The best thing about Cumberland is that every student, regardless of their year, is willing to help each other. In my first year, I got advice from 3Ls, studied with 2Ls, and partnered with 1Ls in intermural trial competitions. I think it is amazing how close-knit the Cumberland community is, for current students and alumni!

Why did you choose Cumberland?

I chose Cumberland for its amazing Trial Advocacy program. Moving to Alabama from New York has been a huge change, but I am so glad I did! In my first year, I participated in four of Cumberland’s Trial Competitions: the Client Counseling and Negotiation Competitions, the Parham T. Williams Trial Competition, the Herbert W. Peterson National Trial Team Competition, and the James O. Haley Federal Trial Competition. In my second year, I made the National Trial Team and participated in the National Civil Trial Competition in California, the National Trial Competition Regionals in Alabama, and the National Trial Competition Nationals in Texas. Cumberland focuses on developing real world skills, and the intramural competitions and national competitions provide students with the opportunity to improve those skills during all three years of law school. 

What do you most enjoy about studying law in Birmingham? What do you like to do in Birmingham?

I love to run at Vulcan Trail, go to Pepper Place on Saturday mornings and hike at Oak Mountain!

Student Organizations and Extracurricular Activities

Chief Judge of the Trial Advocacy Board, Admission Ambassador, National Trial Team, Cumberland Public Interest and Community Service Executive Board Member, Alabama Bar Association Pro Bono Month Celebration Student Representative

If you could give any advice to your pre-law school self, what would you say? 

Go to law school events! They are great opportunities to network with other students and alumni in Birmingham. Studying is important, but it is even more important to make connections in the community and meet people outside of your 1L class!