Thank you for considering our students and graduates for employment. The Office of Career Development is committed to making the hiring process productive and efficient for both the employers and student/graduate applicants. We are eager to provide any assistance to facilitate the hiring process. To become a part of our Career Development Network and to receive updates on programs and schedules, you may register on our online 12Twenty system by visiting the 12Twenty employer page. The most common methods employers use to hire Cumberland School of Law lawyers are explained below.

Career Fairs On Campus

Career Development hosts a government career fair in the fall and a public interest career fair in the spring. During these fairs, employers set up informational booths and answer students’ questions regarding their respective organizations. Interview suites are available for on-the-spot interviews or we can set up a schedule and collect application materials through the Symplicity system for interviews at a later date. To participate in these career fairs, please email Caroline H. Young.

Job Fairs Off Campus

Cumberland School of Law participates in several off-campus job fairs designed to give employers the opportunity to interview interested applicants from many law schools at one central location. Employers may screen and pre-select applicants they wish to interview. For information on these job fairs, please contact Caroline H. Young.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Cumberland School of Law does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation. An employer’s request to use the facilities or services of the Career Development Office shall be taken as assurance that the employer conducts its business in a manner that does not contravene this policy of non-discrimination.

Contact the Office of Career Development

Allen Howell, Assistant Dean of External Relations and Career Development, 205-726-2676
Caroline H. Young, Career Counselor, 205-726-2797