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Cassandra W. Adams

Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Mediation, Domestic Mediation, Access to Justice, Victim Outreach, Restorative Justice

Ramona Carroll Albin

Criminal Law and Procedure, Criminal Defense and Prosecution, Trial Advocacy, Appeals, Criminal Election Law

J. Mark Baggett

Literature and Language; Legal Research and Writing; Language, Literature and Film, Law, Literature and Language, Legal Research and Writing

T. Brad Bishop

Law, Contracts, Municipal Court Practice and Procedure

John L. Carroll

Religion and Philosophy, Ethics and Professionalism in Law, Law, Mediation, Evidence, Trial Practice, Ethics and Professionalism, E-Discovery and Evidence

LaJuana S. Davis

Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Appellate Advocacy, Business Crimes, Interviewing and Counseling, Post-conviction Remedies, Women’s Rights, Right to Council, Stand Your Ground, Castle Law

Michael E. DeBow

Law, Property, Business Organizations, Administrative Law, Legislation and Local Government

Brannon P. Denning

Law, Constitutional Law, U.S. Supreme Court, Law, Second Amendment, Gun Laws

Alyssa DiRusso

Law, Wills, Trusts and Estates, Estate and Gift Tax, Estate and Trust Administration, Taxation of Nonprofit Organizations, Federal Income Tax

Jill Elysa Evans

Law, Environmental Law, Torts

Michael D. Floyd

Law, Commercial Law, Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection, Real Property, Aging and the Law

Andrew Robert Greene

Law, Environmental Law, Natural Resources, Sea-Ocean-Coastal Law, International Environmental Law, Torts, Property

D. Wendy Greene

Law, Comparative Slavery, Constitutional Law, Critical Race Theory, Constitutional Law, Employment Law and Discrimination, Equitable Remedies, Race Relations Law, Real Property

Lynn Hogewood

Law, Legal Research and Writing, Nonprofit Organization, Wills, Trusts and Estates

Kandice L. Horsey

Criminal Law and Procedure, Criminal Defense and Prosecution, Trial Advocacy, UK Law and Legal System

Paul Kuruk

Law, Commercial Transactions, International Business Transactions, Human Rights and Trade

David J. Langum

History, Legal History, Law, Evidence, Property, Legal History

Gregory K. Laughlin

Law, Information Access and Control

Edward C. Martin

Law, Torts, Product Liability, Professional Responsibility, Damages, Law and Technology

William G. Ross

Law, Professional Responsibility, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, American Legal History, Lawyer Billing

Andrea L. Shaw

Law, Legal Research and Writing, Environmental Issues in Real Estate

David M. Smolin

Religion and Philosophy, Bioethics and Biotechnology, Law, Bioethics and Biotechnology, Intellectual Property, International Human Rights, Children’s Issues, Family and Juvenile Law, Estates and Trusts

R. Thomas Stone Jr.

Law, Antitrust, Business Organizations, Contracts, Economic Analysis of Law, Government Regulation of Business

Henry C. Strickland , III

Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Constitutional Law, Remedies, Arbitration, Legal Education

Howard P. Walthall

Law, State Constitutional Law, State and Local Taxation, Commercial Law, Bankruptcy, Business Organizations

Deborah Young

Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Trial Advocacy