Lawyering and Legal Reasoning (LLR) Program: Foundation Applied

Cumberland's LLR program seeks to build a solid legal reasoning foundation that can be applied to an assortment of lawyering tasks and academic coursework. Through the use of pinpoint, building-block writing exercises that focus on legal synthesis and analysis, students learn to think like a lawyer during their first semester of law school. This foundation-based curriculum is enhanced by substantial feedback from instructors and teaching assistants. 

"LLR taught me how to reason and write like a lawyer, and provided me with practical opportunities to hone my skills. Most importantly, LLR equipped me with the tools necessary to be successful during summer clerkships and after graduation." - J.D. Marsh, Valedictorian, Class of 2016

By investing in the student's foundation, while exposing the student to "real world" lawyering, the LLR curriculum improves the student's marketability and creates an exceptional legal writer.

Called to the Bar

Called to the Bar is a required part of the LLR course that begins during orientation and focuses largely on professionalism, ethics and the duties of lawyering. The Called to the Bar workshops are designed for first-year students to enhance academic success, cultivate professionalism and lawyering skills, and enable students to develop a sound career plan.

Caruthers Fellows

The Caruthers Fellows, chosen by the LLR faculty, are second- or third-year students who serve as mentors and assist first-year students with the development of research, writing and other basic skills.