Published on June 4, 2019  
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The following Cumberland School of Law students qualified as Scholars of Merit for the spring 2019 term. The courses in which the students received this recognition are listed as well as the professors who taught the courses in which the students received this recognition.

Advanced Skills/Trial Adv, Young: Elizabeth I. Rainwater

AL Legislation & Policy, McCurley: Haleigh E. Chastain

Alt Dispute Resolution, Simpson: William C. Johnson

Alt Dispute Resolution, Simpson: Tiffany A. Jones

Amer Constitutional Hist, Ross: Sarah A. Baldwin

Amer Law, Proc & Practice, Walthall: Tiffany Jones

Antitrust, Stone: Charles C. Smith

Appellate Advocacy I, Davis: Averie L. Armstead

Bioethics and the Law, Smolin: Emma A. Cummings

Civil Procedure II, Strickland: Fallyn A. Shotts

Civil Procedure II, Ross: Kathryn A. Sineath

Complex Litigation, Proctor: Mollie W. Amick

Complex Litigation, Proctor: Jennifer B. Jayjohn

Conflict of Laws, Hogewood: Haleigh E. Chastain

Constitutional Law II, Ross: Richard Blaine Goodwin

Constitutional Law II, Smolin: Nathan N. Jackson

Constitutional Law II, Smolin:  Sarah A. Baldwin

Constitutional Law II, Denning: Daniel C. Moss

Contracts II, Stone: Kathryn A. Sineath

Contracts II, Bishop: Taylor A. Johnson

Corporate Taxation, Roberts: Lisa K. Cagle

Criminal Procedure I, Albin: Brooke L. Messina

Criminal Procedure II, Davis: Malcolm A. Head

Damages, Martin: Hannah N. Cory

Domestic Relations, Fann: Benjamin Kyle Whitt

Estate and Trust Admn, DiRusso: Mackenzie C. Luce

Estate Planning, Stephens: Catherine L. Henderson

Evidence, McCarthy: Kathryn A. Sineath

Evidence, Young: Gabriel M. Tucker

Federal Courts - Civil, Newsom: Molli A. Masaniai

Federal Income Tax I, Rawls: Jackson Gray Gilmore

Jurisprudence, Newsom/Frederick: Lauren C. Aiyer

Law Office Pract and Manag, Ennis: Johnathan F. Austin

Law Office Pract and Manag, Ennis: Thomas Chase Lacy

Mediator Practice, Carroll: Dylan G. Barket

Mergers & Acquisitions, Leara: Rainer B. Park

Municipal Courts, Bishop: Lisa K. Cagle

Negotiation, VanPelt: Makenzie M. Ervin

Pre-Trial/Trial Prac, Putnam: Molli A. Masaniai

Products Liability, Martin: Maggie K. Coan

Prof Responsibilities, Carroll: Michael R. Cooke

Real Property, Roberts: Kathryn A. Sineath

Real Property, DeBow: Taylor A. Johnson

Secured Transactions, Walthall: Michael R. Cooke

Sports Law-Professional, Jackson: Christian Allie Segrest

Wills, Trusts and Estates, DiRusso: Mallory C. Koger

Wills, Trusts and Estates, DiRusso: Sarah A. Baldwin