Published on January 28, 2020  
Law Books

The following Cumberland School of Law students (bolded) qualified as Scholars of Merit and received the CALI Award for the fall 2019 term. The courses in which the students received this recognition are listed as well as the professors who taught the courses in which the students received this recognition.



Robert B. Adams | Civil Procedure I | Ross, William G. 

Khushboo Agrawal | Copyright Law | Laughlin, Gregory K. 

Mollie W. Amick | Environ Issues in Real Estate | Shaw, Andrea L. 

Sarah A. Baldwin | Environmental Law | Roberts, Tracey M.

Dylan G. Barket | E-Discovery/Digital Evidence | Carroll, John L. 

Mitchell K. Brisbon | Torts | Martin, Edward C. 

William V. Burkett | Advanced Evidence | McCarthy, Terrence W. 

William V. Burkett | State and Local Taxation | Denning, Brannon P. 

Lorel A. Cartee | Criminal Law | Carroll, John L. 

Chloe E. Champion | Contracts I | Stone, Thomas 

Isabella M. Colombo | Jury Selection | Cornelius & Andrew 

Madison L. Cumby | Domestic Relations | Fann, Heather R. 

Anna E. Dennis | Appellate Advocacy | Billingsley, Michael 

Katelyn K. Dodd | Business Organizations | DeBow, Michael E.  

Katelyn K. Dodd | Constitutional Law I | Denning, Brannon P. 

James R. Douglass | Constitutional Law I | Ross, William G. 

Hugh S. Gainer | Amer Law, Proc & Practice | Walthall, Howard P. 

Hugh S. Gainer | Bankruptcy | Leara, Stephen 

Jackson G. Gilmore | Negotiation | VanPelt, Lewanda K. 

Richard Blaine Goodwin | Intl Intellectual Property | Kuruk, Paul

Richard Blaine Goodwin | Prof Responsibilities | Ross, William G.  

Kathryn M. Grafton | State Constitutional Law | Walthall, Howard P.  

Robert J. Griggs | Criminal Law | Davis, LaJuana S. 

Hannah J. Hammitte | Juvenile Justice | Smolin, David M. 

Sarah A. Harden | Jurisprudence | Newsom/Frederick   

Blake W. Harper | Business Organizations | Stone, Thomas 

Alexandria C. Heard | Law Office Pract and Manag | Ennis, Leslie S. 

Taylor M. Hinson | Military Justice | Kelley, E. Victor 

Forrest C. Hyde | Contracts I | Bishop, T. Brad 

Nathan N. Jackson | Pre-Trial | Putnam, T. Michael  

Wilson M. Landers | Prof Responsibilities | Carroll, John L.

Mickala J. Lewis | Civil Procedure I | Strickland, Henry C. 

Whitney P. Lott | Criminal Procedure I | Davis, LaJuana S. 

Kimberly B. Massey | Law Office Pract and Manag | Ennis, Leslie S. 

Brooke L. Messina | Municipal Courts | Bishop, T. Brad

Brooke L. Messina | Pre-Trial | Putnam, T. Michael 

Michael M. Miaoulis | Contracts I | Bishop, T. Brad  

Michael M. Miaoulis | Criminal Law | Albin, Ramona C.  

Sophie J. Milne | Jurisprudence | Newsom/Frederick 

David S. Newman | Real Estate Transactions | McCurley, Robert L. 

Dana L. Oglesby | Nonprofit Corp | Hogewood, Lynn D. 

Elizabeth S. Pilcher | Torts II | Martin, Edward C. 

Brock H. Pinson | Wills, Trusts and Estates | Stephens, Craig M.

Elizabeth I. Rainwater | Deposition Skills | Williams/DiLorenzo 

Sarah E. Rawls | Labor Law | St. Clair, Jay D.

Jackson M. Reagan | Estate and Gift Taxation | DiRusso, Alyssa A. 

Jackson M. Reagan | Federal Income Tax I  | Roberts, Tracey M.

Kaylee C. Rose | Torts | Evans, Jill E.  

William Jake Sauls | Deposition Skills | Williams/DiLorenzo 

Kathryn Ashley Sineath | Wills, Trusts and Estates | DiRusso, Alyssa A. 

Stephanie A. Smith | Secured Transactions | Kuruk, Paul 

Gabriel M. Tucker | Constitutional Law I | Smolin, David M  

Brittany A. Wilson | State Constitutional Law | Walthall, Howard P.