Published on May 4, 2021 by Morgan Black  
Law Classof2020
Photo of members of the class of 2020 taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
The official American Bar Association (ABA) employment report for Cumberland School of Law’s class of 2020 has been released. The employment percentage totaling 91.72% defies the odds handed to the class, who finished their studies and graduated during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The rate of nearly 92% represents graduates who, by ABA standards, are “eligible for employment” up to 10 months following graduation. This percentage excludes known graduates who are continuing their education.   
“The class of 2020 was able to overcome the massive disruptions and employment turmoil of a pandemic year to have one of the best employment rates in Cumberland's history,” said Allen Howell, assistant dean of external relations and career development. “I want to applaud their resilience and determination during this difficult time. They met the challenges of the pandemic head on and gave us all something to be proud of.”
Howell attributed the success of the class of 2020 report to the collective work of the Cumberland School of Law faculty and staff.
“Our faculty and staff are integral in assuring the success of our graduates,” Howell said. “Their investment in our students goes a long way when it comes to helping them secure employment.”
With dedicated students, involved alumni and with the continued support of the faculty and staff, Howell is confident employment rates for future graduating classes will continue to excel.
“These employment statistics suggest that the legal employment market remained stronger through the pandemic than some other parts of the economy,” said Dean Corky Strickland. “They also are a testament to the perseverance and resilience of Cumberland’s class of 2020 and the creative efforts of our faculty and career development staff. I am incredibly proud of the way Cumberland students and graduates adapted to and worked through the challenges of the past year.”
The full report can be viewed on the law school’s ABA required disclosures page