"In the year and a half after my graduation from Cumberland School of Law, I tried thirteen jury trials. I also assisted in a murder trial. If it was not for the education and training I received at Cumberland School of Law, I do not believe I would have experienced so much at such an early stage in my legal career."

T. Cameron McEwen '07
Deputy District Attorney

"I cannot say enough good things about the education and experiences at Cumberland School of Law. I got a first rate education that I have put to use in every aspect of my career. I had incredible mentors in my professors, many who I have stayed in contact with and who have helped me throughout my career."

Anne B. Pope '86
Appointment to the Appalachian Regional Commission Federal Cochair by President George W. Bush

??"Cumberland School of Law prepared me to design my own future by giving me the best education from the most caring and involved teachers in an environment that was open, friendly and accepting. I have not faced a challenge as a lawyer, an educator or working in sports that wasn't in some way anticipated by the law school's curriculum or that I was not taught how to solve by a Cumberland professor. Cumberland School of Law gave me all the tools I needed to build my future."

Robert Boland '95
Professor of sports business at NYU's Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management; sports agent; attorney and columnist for the National Football Post

“Participating in the summer program at Cumberland School of Law was the single most valuable use of my time in preparation for a successful 1L year. Having been out of school for a few years, the rigors of the 1L year seemed daunting. However, the introduction to the teaching style and subject matter of law school given during the summer program provided me with an understanding of what was expected of me as a student of the law and gave me confidence in my ability to succeed. I recommend the summer program to anyone who is serious about getting a head start in an education that truly rewards extra effort with early success.”

Michael Lasserre
Law Review Editor
Class of 2014

“The summer classes are great for preparing you for a range of topics and assignments. Some of the things we covered in the summer I saw again in contracts, torts, property and other courses. The writing assignments allow you to feel more confident first year when preparing for exams and other papers. The best part is the bond created with the summer classmates. They have been one of my biggest support systems at Cumberland School of Law. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Christen Butler
Class of 2014

“The Cumberland School of Law 1L summer program is one of the single most valuable resources available to entering law students. The information you will garner through the curriculum will make you feel a semester ahead of the other students arriving in the fall. The summer program teaches valuable research skills as well as some material that helps immensely in the fall classes. The greatest benefit of participation in the summer program is the unparalleled opportunity to adjust to life in law school and learn about the Cumberland community in a more personalized environment. The summer program is unique to Cumberland and invaluable to you as an entering 1L. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Richard Fillmore
Class of 2014

“I’m so glad I chose to begin law school by participating in the summer program. The fun yet challenging courses enabled me to make a smooth transition into law school and provided me with a realistic sense of what to expect in my other classes. I strongly believe that the summer program contributed to my success in my first semester, by giving me the skills I needed to hit the ground running and to get the most out of my classes.”

Faye Doss
Class of 2015

“The summer courses provided a tremendous introduction into the legal reasoning and writing skills necessary to excel as a first-year law student. The small classes created a pleasantly unique and comfortable environment to develop my confidence in briefing cases and ultimately learning how to think like a lawyer. Additionally, I was able to better understand how to take a law exam. The summer program is surely the best decision I made in beginning as a law student here at Cumberland School of Law. I proudly recommend the summer program to all incoming 1Ls.”

William Pate
Class of 2015