Natalie  Beckerink

Home State

I’ve moved around a bit, but I’ve been in Alabama the longest.

Undergraduate Institution and Graduation Year

Auburn University, Class of 2021

Legal Interests

Family Law, Domestic Relations, Higher Education


Baking, reading, walking/running, drinking coffee

What do you think is the best thing about Cumberland School of Law?

Definitely the people. That’s such a cliché answer, but from the professors who dedicate their time to helping in any way possible, to the administration that truly cares, to the Career Development Office who has literally offered to provide counsel at any time, to my fellow classmates who have shown so much love and support … I just cannot get over how there are so many intelligent, incredible people in one place.

Why did you choose Cumberland School of Law?

It’s kind of a part of my testimony, but I originally wanted to go to Samford for undergrad because it’s where I thought God was leading me. At that time, I considered going to Cumberland after Samford. When my plans changed, and He brought me to Auburn instead, I figured that Birmingham was no longer in the picture. I had an amazing time at Auburn and was seriously considering several out-of-state options after graduation. I obviously had a timing issue, because when the time to apply to law school came around, during my prayers I was always led back to Cumberland. After walking around the building with my parents on a random day in January 2021, I just knew it was the correct place and have seen that solidified through so many blessings since then.

What do you most enjoy about studying law in Birmingham? What do you like to do in Birmingham?

I think people underestimate the opportunities that are in this city, and to be fair, I did too for a while. Honestly though, the more I thought about it. I realized that this was the perfect location to be able to connect with attorneys, judges, and politicians alike. There are so many networking opportunities, but, more than that, there are so many opportunities to learn from incredible people.

As for what I like to do in Birmingham, I’d say that one of my favorite places is the Saturday farmer’s market at Pepper Place. I have been working for one of the vendors (Bandit Patisserie) this summer in addition to my Monday-Friday internship. It’s an incredible experience and a great way to meet locals and support local businesses.

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities

Vice President of Christian Legal Society, Team Leader for the Center for Child Ethics (International Adoptions)

If you could give any advice to your pre-law school self, what would you say? 

Come in with the ability to be comfortable being wrong. One of my worst fears going into classes was being perceived as incompetent or not capable, but, as my first year went on, I realized that I learned the most after I raised my hand and blurted out something incorrect. I eventually told myself that it didn’t matter if I was the only one in the room who didn’t know the answer before I raised my hand, the only thing that mattered is that I learned it after the fact.

Law school has the potential to be a big self-comparison trap. By that I mean, if you aren’t careful, you will tell yourself that you should do something because another student is doing it or know the answer because you think everyone else does. What is most important though is that we all remember that we have unique, individual purposes for being in law school. All you can do is try your best and focus on your goals.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I’m not completely sure where I will end up, but I would love to stay somewhere in Alabama and work, more than likely, in domestic relations or family law.