Alexandra  Sexton

Home State


Undergraduate Institution and Graduation Year

Florida State University, 2021

Legal Interests

I am keeping an open mind and trying to learn about all types of law, but currently I am very interested in criminal and aviation law.


Flying, spending time with my family and friends, going hiking, and singing.

What do you think is the best thing about Cumberland School of Law?

The best thing about Cumberland is absolutely the people. The people at Cumberland are some of the most incredibly talented, smart, and caring people I know. The professors at Cumberland are not only wonderful instructors and mentors, but they have also had amazing careers, and they are able to give us real life examples of things we are reading about in class. They put so much time and commitment into their teaching - their passion inspires me every day to continue to grow and learn. They are the most dedicated group of individuals who are always eager to lend a helping hand or help you with anything you need whether it is school-related or not. My fellow peers are the smartest, most driven people I know. It is so amazing to study with people from all different backgrounds, with all different stories, but who all come together for one common goal - their passion for the law and helping others. Lastly, the alumni are such a special asset to Cumberland. Cumberland creates so many opportunities for their students to become involved in Birmingham and meet professionals in the community. The alumni of Cumberland take time out of their schedules to come back and speak to us - sharing their knowledge and allowing us to learn from them. Cumberland has so many brilliant things that make it special, and the people here are the engine that makes it all happen.

Why did you choose Cumberland School of Law?

I chose Cumberland because it felt like home. Now I know that sounds cheesy, but it is true. When I came on my tour of Cumberland, I heard about how it is like a family, and that couldn’t be truer. That idea of family really piqued my interest, as I love people and loved the idea of having a support system during such a stressful time like law school. With Cumberland, I knew not only would I be receiving an impeccable legal education, but I would also be surround by people who genuinely cared about me and my success - not only in the classroom but outside as well. Each day at Cumberland, I am reminded of just how lucky I am to go here. There is not a greater feeling than going through law school except knowing you have the most amazing support system cheering you on and helping you each step of the way.

What do you most enjoy about studying law in Birmingham? What do you like to do in Birmingham?

The best thing about going to school in Birmingham is the legal community here in Birmingham. It has been absolutely incredible to see how involved not only the alumni of Cumberland are, but all of the local legal community. There are so many professionals who are eager and willing to share their knowledge and experience with aspiring lawyers. I think that is something very special about going to school at Cumberland here in Birmingham. I also love that Birmingham has a little bit of everything. If you love the city feel then you can go explore downtown and see all of the fun things it has to offer. However, if you want a more laid back and small town feel you can visit Homewood, Vestavia or Mountain Brook. Each of these places have their own hidden gems like the Botanical Gardens in Mountain Brook or the Dave’s Pizza in downtown Homewood. If you love the outdoors there are so many beautiful parks like Red Mountain and Oak Mountain. There is truly something for everyone here in Birmingham and the people here are so willing and eager to share it with you.

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities

Student Bar Association, Admission Ambassadors, Women in Law, Alabama Student Bar Association, and the Florida Student Bar Association

If you could give any advice to your pre-law school self, what would you say? 

I came into law school not having any family in the legal field. So, I was nervous about starting law school because you hear all these crazy stories about it. The advice I would give my pre-law self would be yes, law school is hard, however you will be surrounded by so many other people who are like-minded, determined, and truly have a passion about the law. You will also meet so many people who will inspire you each and every day from your law school professors to your fellow peers. Reach out to these people because they are so willing to share any piece of knowledge or advice they have. It can be difficult being in an environment where everyone is so driven and you are learning things you have never known before, however, just keep reminding yourself that you can do it. It is absolutely okay to ask for help. If you are stressing or worried about something in school, don’t be afraid to open up to your teachers and friends because they are likely going through the same thing or have in the past.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

After graduation I plan to take the bar in the state I am planning to live in and begin my legal career. I aspire to be an attorney because I believe we have the ability to make an impact on people and help them in so many ways. So, after graduation I am looking forward to being able to help people and make a difference.