Library Books

Why do our campus tours always end in the library? If you’ve visited campus, you know.

The spacious and open Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library is a grand facility, created for serious study, deliberation and great ideas.

At a time when other institutions struggle to keep students on campus or keep their resources in step with student needs, Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law is able to provide a library of significance, a place sought out by students seeking academic excellence, collegial comfort and a third place for thinking and study.

By the Numbers

Our library accommodates both private and group scholarship and includes:

  • 16 conference rooms
  • 474 study spaces
  • Carrels with electrical connections, long tables and comfortable seating
  • More than 200,000 shelved volumes
  • 96,000 volumes on microfiche
  • All federal and state judicial opinions and statutory codes
  • Law reviews from every American law school
  • Access to the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations
  • United States hearings and reports
  • Selected foreign common law rulings