Published on February 1, 2021  
Black Lawyers in America, a webinar series presented by the American Bar Association (ABA), examines the struggle for change and racial equality within the legal profession. The series, which was produced during the summer of 2020, features three African American former presidents of the ABA (in addition to other legal professionals). The series is presented in four parts:
Session One: The Foundation
This session seeks to identify the issues related to equality in the legal profession.
Session Two: The Focus
This discussion examines strategies and approaches that firms and corporations can take in order to foster inclusivity.
Session Three: The Future
The next generation of leaders discuss how they envision the profession.
Session Four: Black Leaders in Government
Leaders in local and federal government give firsthand accounts of the work that must be done in order to serve constituents while acting as voices of change.
The webinar series can be viewed, in its entirety, on the website of the American Bar Association. It is just one of the pieces of content that is featured on the site’s Celebrating Black History Month page. There is, also, information about Black legal trailblazers, the perspectives of Black women lawyers, advancing understanding of racial equity, and more.
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