Published on February 22, 2021  
During the month of February, the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library is celebrating Black History Month by using its Facebook page to feature profiles of Black judges, justices, and attorneys who have practiced and served in Alabama.  So far, those featured have included some of the earliest known Black lawyers within the state.  John Carraway, who was, possibly, the first Black lawyer admitted to practice within the state (the evidence remains unclear), is one of the attorneys profiled. The names of others who have been featured include Moses W. Moore, Charles E. Harris, Roderick Thomas, and Samuel Lowery. The stories of these legal professionals are fascinating, and it is worth your time to visit the State Law Library’s Facebook page to read these profiles, and to find out who is featured next.
The Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library, located in Montgomery, is the oldest law library in Alabama, and it is the second oldest library in the state. Learn more by visiting the following:  Visit our website to learn more about the Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library. Also, feel free to email the Reference Librarians of the Beeson Law Library at