Published on September 14, 2020  
Westlaw (owned by Thomson Reuters) has just launched Civil Rights Legal Materials & News, a website dedicated to providing an overview of civil rights topics. The website, which is free to everyone, links to many supporting documents and resources. It is divided into three main sections:
Police Conduct
This section provides information about four subtopics, which include Excessive Force, Failure to Intervene, False Arrest, and Qualified Immunity.
Unwarranted Criminal Prosecution
The Unwarranted Criminal Prosecution section provides information about Malicious Prosecution and Prosecutorial Misconduct.
Right to Protest
This section focuses on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.
Civil Rights Legal Materials & News provides summaries of topics along with cases, statutes, articles, and other resources that explain those concepts.  News and insight is provided by Reuters Legal.  Also, you can find contact information to get assistance with civil rights legal research.  When you get a chance, you are encouraged to explore the site.
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