Published on April 23, 2020 by Ed Craig, Reference Librarian  
No doubt, this semester’s exam preparation is like no other. An upside of the current situation is that Cumberland students have many more online study aids now available to them which include exam questions and/or practice exercises; some of them you may be familiar with, others you may never have heard of. A few of the materials listed below are primarily exam questions and exercises; others typically will include such materials near the end of the book.
Listed below you will find the classes listed along with the online study aid resources which include exam questions or practice questions in their book:
Business Bankruptcy—Q&A, Blackletter, Gilbert, Glannon, Friedman’s Practice Series
Civil Procedure—Q&AAcing, Blackletter, Exam Pro, Gilberts, Emanuels, CrunchTime, Glannon, FriedmansEmanuel 1st Year
Conflicts—Gilberts, Blackletter
Constitutional Law— Q&A, Q&A (First Amendment), Emanuels, CrunchTime, Glannon, Friedmans, Acing, Blackletter,Gilberts,
Contracts—Exam Pro (Objective), Q&A, Emanuels, CrunchTime, Glannon, Friedmans, Emanuel 1st Year, Acing,Blackletter, Exam Pro (Essay),  Gilberts, QuickReview,
Criminal Law—Q&A, Exam Pro, Gilberts, Acing, Blackletter, Skills&Values, Emanuels, CrunchTime, Glannon,Friedmans,
Criminal Procedure—Q&A (Prosecution & Adjudication), Q&A(Police Investigation), Exam Pro, Gilberts, Acing,Blackletter, Emanuel, CrunchTime, GlannonEmanuel 1st Year
Domestic Relations—Q&A, Emanuels, Friedmans, Blackletter, QuickReview, Gilberts (Community Property)
Estate Planning—Exam Pro, GilbertsBlackletter
Evidence—Q&A, Emanuels, CrunchTime, Glannon, Friedmans, Acing, Blackletter, Exam Pro (Essay), Exam Pro (Objective), Gilberts
Federal Courts—Gilberts, Blackletter
Professional Responsibility—Q&A, Exam Pro, Acing, Blackletter, Emanuels, CrunchTime, Glannon
Payment Systems—Q&A, Blackletter, Emanuels, Acing (Negotiable Instruments)
Real Property—Exam Pro, Q&A,  Acing, Blackletter (Property), Blackletter (Real Estate Transactions), Emanuels (Dukeminier), Emanuels (Real Estate), Emanuels (Property), CrunchTime, Glannon, Emanuels 1st Year, QuickReview, Gilberts,
Sales—Glannon, Friedmans
Wills, Trusts & Estates—Q&A, Emanuels, Friedmans, Blackletter, Exam Pro, Gilberts (Wills), Gilberts (Trusts), Gilberts (Future Interests & Perpetuities)