Published on October 4, 2021 by Leigh A. Jones, Evening/Weekend Reference Librarian  

Each year in the United States, National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated between September 15 and October 15. The purpose of the month is to recognize the diverse cultures, histories, and contributions of Hispanic Americans. The following resources serve as an introductory guide to Hispanic Heritage Month.

This Challenge was launched by the American Bar Association's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, and consists of 21 short challenges that involve readings, podcasts, and videos. According to the website, “The goal of the Challenge is to assist each of us to become more aware, compassionate, constructive, engaged people in the quest for equity, and specifically to learn more about the Hispanic Heritage, and many communities included under the "Hispanic umbrella."

The Commission works to educate lawyers on how to best address key legal challenges faced by Latino communities within the United States.

The website of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration provides a link to documents relating to “Hispanic and Latino issues in the United States.”

  • Honoring Activists and Legal Trailblazers (ABA Diversity and Inclusion Center Celebrates Hispanic/Latino/a/x Heritage Month 2021) [Link broken as of 11/28/2022]

Here, the ABA Diversity and Inclusion Center has compiled a list of names and brief profiles of some of the Hispanic Americans who have made significant contributions within the legal profession.

This guide provides information about the legislative history of the establishment of National Hispanic Heritage Month. The site includes a legislative history overview, legislative documents, and executive branch documents.

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