Published on January 25, 2021  
When used responsibly, statistics can add value to legal writing by providing additional foundational information for effective arguments. Because statistics are produced by many different agencies (both public and private) for a variety of reasons (both good and bad), it is important to use statistics within their proper context, and it is, also, important to use statistics from reputable sources. Depending on your specific information need, the following websites and database tools might be good starting points for locating statistical information that is related to your legal research.


Data and Statistics about the U.S.:
“Find data about the U.S., such as demographic and economic data, population, and maps. Get information about the 2020 U.S. Census.” (Links to statistics gathered by federal agencies are provided. Includes links to information from the United States Census Bureau.)
Statistics and Reports: Administrative Office of the United States Courts
“This section of provides statistical data and analysis on the business of the federal Judiciary. Specific publications address the work of the appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts; the probation and pretrial services systems; and other components of the U.S. courts.”
Court Statistics Project (National Center for State Courts)
CSP collects and publishes state court caseload data from the courts of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam.”
Alabama Judicial System
The website of the Alabama Judicial System provides statistics related to the activities of Alabama’s appellate courts.
Legal Professions Statistics: American Bar Association
“Current statistical data has been gathered to assist with research on lawyers and the legal profession.”

Database Tools

Litigation Analytics: Bloomberg Law
Locate litigation information about companies, law firms, courts, judges, and attorneys.
Litigation Analytics: Lexis+
“Analyze the litigation track record of courts, judges, attorneys, and law firms.”
Litigation Analytics: Westlaw Edge
“Discover relevant, data-driven insights from federal and select state dockets and cases.”
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