Published on April 20, 2020  
The Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library provides access to numerous online study aids on various topics. These study aids are most effective if they are used throughout the semester. However, it is common for students to turn to them more frequently as the semester nears its end. As preparation for final examinations begins, here are three things to remember when utilizing study aids:
  1. Use study aids in conjunction with the information received in class. Study aids should not be used as a replacement for the information given by a course’s professor. Instead, they should be used to gain a better understanding of the ideas that have been presented and discussed. 
  1. It is important to remember that commercial outlines may not always align with the material that is covered in class. Therefore, it is better to create personal outlines (based on the information discussed in class) that can be referenced for study. However, commercial outlines may be used to assist the student in determining the best ways to organize information. Also, they can be used to remind students of concepts that they may have overlooked. 
  1. Students can select study aids containing practice questions that are similar in format to the format that is expected on the exam. Essay questions and multiple choice questions are available on a variety of subjects. By practicing with these questions, students can improve test-taking skills by identifying weaknesses and clearing up confusion about specific topics within a subject.
To locate study aids within the law library’s collection, visit the following databases: