Juris Doctor Scholarships

Entering First-Year, Full-time Students

We know law school can be expensive, so we evaluate every admitted student for scholarship. In fact, we award scholarships to over 90% of the incoming class.

Here are several ways Cumberland School of Law helps you with the cost of law school:

  • Cumberland Application Fee: $0
  • Bar Preparation Course: $0 (included in tuition)
  • Fall 2023 Scholarships:
    • 99% of first-year students received scholarships upon admission
    • Average incoming scholarship award was $18,500

Our scholarship committee makes scholarship selections based on the information you provide in your application included but not limited to cumulative undergraduate GPA and LSAT score. Upon admission, students who are selected to receive scholarship assistance are notified by email and U.S. mail. Flextime students are not eligible for scholarships during their first two semesters of study.

Current Students

Second- and third-year students may be eligible to receive endowed, need-based, merit, or leadership scholarships, made possible through the generosity of the law school’s alumni and friends. We also offer scholarships in categories such as academic, achievement, leadership, international, minority and geographic.

Students will be made aware of scholarship opportunities throughout the year as they become available.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Outside scholarship opportunities may be available to entering students through several organizations. Consider contacting some of the following sources:

  • fraternities and sororities
  • religious groups
  • corporations
  • professional organizations
  • bar associations
  • law firms
  • judges’ scholarships

Additionally, through a partnership with the AccessLex Institute, Cumberland School of Law students can research their vast database of outside scholarship opportunities.

AccessLex Scholarship Databank