The Beeson Wives Fellowship exists to provide a place for students' wives to grow and mature together in Christ as they prepare for ministry individually and alongside their husbands. We seek to build relationships in a supporting community and develop deep friendships where we can learn and grow together while sharing the common bond of being a seminarian’s wife. Special events such as panel discussions, guest speakers and Saturday brunches are planned to facilitate growth and community. A marriage retreat every other year for students and their spouses is also a special part of the Beeson Wives Fellowship. This retreat seeks to address the specific challenges marriages face when involved in full time ministry. Beeson wives are invited and encouraged to attend the weekly chapel service and community lunch each Tuesday during fall and spring semesters as well as our community BBQ supper each semester. Other learning opportunities include attending classes through either the Lay Academy or the Visitor Program. In addition to all the opportunities to learn, there are many opportunities to just enjoy being together socially!