Published on October 26, 2018  

Massey Legacy Lives on Through Newly Published Book

"Rarely does one voice speak with equal wisdom on fields as diverse and demanding as Bible interpretation, Christian education, inspired preaching, seminary education, and ministries of reconciliation.” Indeed, Dr. Massey did all that and so much more, for the Church of God movement and beyond. Now the Church of God—no, all of Christendom—has the opportunity to glean wisdom from the pages of what Dr. Massey called the “last great goal” of his life.

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Why We Can't Unhitch from the Old Testament by Michael Kruger

Some doctrines are too central to the truth of Christianity and the health of the church to be taken away. When it comes to presenting the gospel, Stanley has become convinced the Bible, especially the Old Testament, simply gets in the way. I disagree. But it’s not just me. Stanley stands against the entire history of the church as well as the theological heritage of the Protestant Reformation. Moreover, as I have argued, he’s even out of sync with the Bible itself.

There can be a sad irony in defending the faith. We can be so eager to oppose any and all obstacles, that we end up, unwittingly, opposing Christianity itself. If we’re not careful, we might end up losing the very thing we’re trying to save.

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Eugene Peterson Has Completed His Long Obedience by Kate Shellnut

“Resurrection does not have to do exclusively with what happens after we are buried or cremated. It does have to do with that, but first of all it has to do with the way we live right now,” he wrote in his 2012 memoir, The Pastor. “But as Karl Barth, quoting Nietzsche, pithily reminds us: ‘Only where graves are is there resurrection.’ We practice our death by giving up our will to live on our own terms. Only in that relinquishment or renunciation are we able to practice resurrection.”

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Getting All the Good Things In by Jenny-Lyn de Klerk

If what is good seems bad, what is honorable seems dishonorable, what is holy seems earthly, and what is pleasant seems puritanical, it is because Christ’s way turns the world’s way upside down. Rather than being the dull lifestyle it is often portrayed as, holiness is really the best way to live because it comes from a good God, results in good attitudes and actions, and even brings good benefits to you and those around you.

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